Air Conditioner Repair & Installation

Trane SystemDuring the hot summer months a dependable air conditioning system provides welcome relief from high humidity and rising temperatures. At P & M Air Conditioning and Heating, we are pleased to offer our customers expert installation services on the world’s leading systems manufactured by Trane.

An AC system that is designed and installed properly will deliver quiet comfort as well as reliable performance for years to come. Manufacturers continue to produce air conditioners that offer better comfort and lower operating costs when compared to units manufactured less than a decade ago. In fact, a modern 18 SEER air conditioner can save up to 37 percent when compared to an older 12 SEER unit.

Choices in Air Conditioners

A complete understanding of the refrigeration cycle requires training, skill and experience. When selecting a HVAC company, it is important to verify that the contractor also possesses this kind of thorough understanding of the AC installation process. P & M offers comprehensive design services based on the guidelines published in ACCA Manual J. Load calculations incorporate a variety of vital energy usage metrics such as insulation levels, duct leakage, envelope tightness, glass exposure, building size and local climate conditions. Air conditioning systems that are improperly sized may short cycle, which can lower efficiency, reduce comfort and lead to premature equipment failure.

Central air conditioners are manufactured in three separate configurations to meet the requirements of virtually every application. The choices in AC installation platforms are based around performance expectations, structural challenges and jobsite conditions.

  • Package Units: For homes and office buildings with limited ground space, package units are an attractive alternative. As a roof mounted appliance, a package unit incorporates an evaporator coil, compressor and blower all in a single enclosure. Models are available in gas-electric, straight cool and heat pump varieties.
  • Split Systems: A split system is the typical choice for residential neighborhoods where noise and aesthetics are important. The condensing unit is set outdoors, usually next to an exterior garage wall for maximum noise reduction. The indoor air handler or furnace is often installed in a basement, dedicated equipment room or inside the garage. Split systems have a number of advanced features and offer the best efficiencies among all air conditioning products.
  • Heat Pumps: Heat pumps are unique in that they provide both cooling and heating from a single unit. This can prove beneficial to homeowners living in areas without a natural gas infrastructure. Heat pumps work best in mild winter climates where the temperature rarely hits the freezing mark. Models are available in package unit and split system configurations.

AC Service after the Sale

Air conditioning systems are complex, and they have numerous high tech components and mechanical parts. Periodic maintenance is an essential element in a comprehensive service program designed to keep your HVAC equipment operating at maximum efficiency. However, even with regular maintenance it is an unfortunate reality that air conditioners can fail during extreme weather, resulting in major backlogs for dealers.