Our Neighbors In Friendswood

Trane SystemWe know that Friendswood ranks 2nd as the Safest City in Texas just like we know that the summer is coming and with it, hotter temperatures. More than a few residents will be looking at making a decision between replacing their existing air conditioning unit or investing more money in repairing it. P & M Air Conditioning and Heating has many years of experience in helping Friendswood residents make this important decision. We are among the Top Rated AC Repair businesses in the area, and offer repair or new AC installations in Friendswood, TX.

Repair Or Replace?

The decision is important because it can cost you lots of money either now or in the future. There are many considerations to take into account before making that final decision, including.

  • Can you currently afford to invest in a new air conditioning system?
  • How much will it cost to keep your existing system running?
  • Is your service repair company qualified to accurately assess your cooling needs?

Unless you have the best information and are dealing with a quality air conditioning company, you may never understand why you continue to pay more than other homeowners for keeping your home cool.

Calculating the Costs

money-financingTo get more specific, what exactly are the costs, obvious and hidden, that can cause you to leak money from your hard earned income?

  • An air conditioning unit that is not working at its maximum capacity
  • A home that is losing cool air to the outside because of leaky windows or inadequate insulation
  • Having an older HVAC unit that is costing you more to repair than spending the same money to buy a new HVAC unit

Realize that no home is perfectly sealed from air leaks and that no air conditioning unit operates 100 percent all of the time. But when you are losing more than 10 percent of your cool air to the outside you need to check out what a responsible air conditioning business can do for you.

We Are Here To Help

P & M Air Conditioning and Heating has the professional service technicians and the experience to come to your home and properly evaluate your specific situation. There is no guesswork involved and as one of the Top Rated AC Repair businesses in the area, we can evaluate your existing system and home environment and help you save money.

If the time has come to replace your existing system, we have a load of experience doing AC installations in Friendswood, TX. So whatever your needs are, we can work with you and your budget to make the coming summer months enjoyable whether you are inside of your home or outside.