Signs of Summer

Trane SystemWith the return of Green Waste Recycling starting Monday, it is one of many signs that the warmer summer months are not too far away. That means more and more residents of West University will be expecting their air conditioning systems to be working when they need them to. P & M Air Conditioning and Heating is gearing up to once again to be the highest rated AC Service Company in West University. As a homeowner, you need to have a Reliable Texas HVAC at your service.

Signs of Needing A New System

Other than the obvious sign that you air conditioning unit needs to be replaced – it stops working completely – there are other signs of trouble that may not only cause your home environment to be uncomfortable, but to also make you hot under the collar as you see your money go out the window.

  • You constantly need to bump up the temperature of your thermostat to keep your home cool
  • You see your energy bills increasing and are blaming the utility company once too often
  • The noise from your air conditioner has become a part of the background noise of your home

Many people just accept these signs as part of normal living and summer heat. Instead, they are likely signs that your air conditioning system needs to be seriously checked out.

Signs You Need To Invest In A New System

Most people know there is a big difference between needing a new air conditioning unit and being able to afford one. But the key idea is to see your new purchase as an investment, not an expense,

  • A new unit can save you money now and in the future through lower monthly energy costs
  • The savings from a new Energy Star unit may well pay for itself over the service life of the new system
  • We are prepared to work with you to find the best way to finance your new unit so you can stop worrying and enjoy the summer

Simply Call Us

P & M Air Conditioning and Heating is prepared to help you finance your new high efficiency air conditioning system after visiting your home and determining its needs. As our goal is to continue to earn your trust as the AC Service Company in West University you can depend on, we will be there when you need us. We will continue to be known as the most reliable Texas HVAC companies in the area.