Ductless Room A/C Services

Duct free systems provide targeted cooling comfort in spaces where conventional central air conditioners are impractical or too expensive to install. Ductless technology continues to gain market share in Houston, TX, as homeowners actively seek out alternatives to inefficient equipment, loud window units and cumbersome ducted systems.

How Ductless Air Conditioners Work

ductless-systemTraditional AC equipment relies on ductwork to transfer conditioned air into the different rooms in a home or office. Unfortunately, this technology is costly, inefficient and may contribute to substandard indoor air quality. Structural issues, design deficits and duct leakage can create uneven temperatures and raise monthly operating costs. In many instances, the equipment manufacturer’s performance data is not accurately reflected in actual operating conditions.

A duct free split system eliminates the labor and materials required to install an air distribution network. Every mini-split includes an air handler and a separate outdoor condenser. The indoor unit contains an evaporator coil and fan. These attractive enclosures are hung on an interior wall or installed in the ceiling where they provide quiet cooling comfort for that specific zone.

Benefits of Ductless Split Systems

There are many advantages to owning a ductless split air conditioning system including:

  • Superior Efficiency: In a ductless configuration, the indoor air handler is positioned directly in the room, so there is virtually no loss of efficiency in the delivery process. Ductless mini-splits incorporate inverter technology, which adjusts the compressor output to precisely match the indoor load. The use of an inverter dramatically increases overall efficiency and some mini-split models are rated up to 21 SEER.
  • Unique Versatility: Ductless air conditioners are remarkably flexible and adaptable. Mini-split units are particularly well-suited for basements, garage conversions, attics and room additions. For bigger jobs, a multi-zone ductless system can be designed to address the cooling requirements for an entire home or office.
  • Better Comfort: Since ductless air handlers run independently, every zone can be adjusted to fit the comfort expectations of the occupant. Each air handler has a separate remote control that regulates the fan speed and temperature setting. Ductless air conditioners avoid the thermal gain and leakage associated with ductwork, so the air delivered at the register is always appropriately cooled and dehumidified.

Do I Need a Mini-Split or Multi-Split?

ductless-productImproperly designed conventional air conditioning systems are often incapable of providing sufficient capacity to many rooms simultaneously. This can lead to comfort levels that vary widely throughout the home. Ductless split system manufacturers address these challenges by producing equipment configured to provide a number of different zoning options.

  • The Mini-Split: A duct free air conditioner operates with a single air handler and condenser. This is the most popular design and is used mainly for targeted cooling in individual rooms. Systems can be installed independently to air condition an entire home, but there must be sufficient space outdoors to set multiple condensers.
  • The Multi-Split: In a multi-split arrangement, several indoor fan coil units operate off one condenser. Separate compressor circuits are wired to every air handler, and each zone is operated autonomously through its own remote control. Multi-zone air conditioners can be purchased with the capability to support up to eight individual zones.

Greater Efficiency and Enhanced Comfort

Ductless air conditioning systems eliminate the need for expensive and inefficient ductwork. For residents in Houston, TX, and the surrounding area, P & M Air Conditioning and Heating has the expertise and experience to design a ductless system for a specific room or an entire house. Call one of our comfort specialists today to learn more about the many advantages of duct free air conditioning.