If you’re a homeowner that’s been making do with multiple window units for years, it might be time to make an upgrade. Not only is having a central AC system convenient, but it actually adds a lot of value to your home — immediately and over time.

The initial investment can seem a bit daunting, but the difference you’ll feel in your space once it’s done is immediate.

If you’re still not convinced, read on to learn six benefits of having a central AC system in your home.

1. Conveniently Cool Multiple Rooms

Having a central AC system automatically means that every room in your house is going to be cooled at the same time. It also means you only have adjusted the temperature in your home once rather than having to walk from room to room to switch all the buttons.

One thing you do lose out on is being able to temperature control each room in your home, but it’s easy enough to turn fans on and off, or close vents as it’s needed.

Central systems do, however, do a better job at simply cooling your home a lot faster. They circulate air more efficiently than window units are capable of, meaning you won’t have random cold and hot spots throughout your house.

2. Cleaner Air

Not only are you going to reduce the humidity levels in your home, but you’re also going to be providing it with cleaner air in the long run. Whole-home AC powers exactly that — your whole home — by circulating air pulled from different rooms throughout the entire house.

As it gets pulled into the vents, that air also runs through a filter that removes airborne particles like dust, lint, and other allergens. These filters have to be replaced on a monthly basis to keep the air as clean as possible. This benefit is great for those with allergies or other respiratory problems.

A central AC system can also help with regulating the amount of humidity in the air. There’s an evaporator coil that condenses and removes vapor from the air. similar to how liquid condenses on the outside of a cold glass.

3. Lower Energy Bill

As more energy-efficient ways of powering our homes pop up, the more the United States’ average energy bill decreases. Part of that decrease comes when you switch from regular window units to a central AC system.

Since the power that’s heating your home is coming from one central source instead of multiple standalone sources, then it’s easy to see why cheaper energy bills would be such a possibility.

Not only that, but newer AC systems are simply more efficient than older ones. If your window units are over eight to 10 years old, then it’s time to replace them all anyway. A central AC system, however, can last up to 15 years with proper care and maintenance.

4. Less Maintenance

New AC systems actually require very little maintenance. Usually, all it takes is an annual inspection from a professional and routine service to keep things running smoothly.

Often, the company you hire to install your AC system will have a warranty that comes with a maintenance plan. It’s smart to ask about this beforehand, but if you’re already searching for a maintenance person, then be sure to ask what their annual maintenance plans are units.

The best time to have your AC inspected is right before the hot season starts so you’re not stuck with problems later down the line. All that usually happens during these visits is component cleaning, lubrication, and inspection to ensure everything is working properly.

5. Higher Home Value

Lastly, and this one’s big if you’re looking to sell your home at some point, having a central air conditioning system is going to add a higher resale value to your home. It’s also an investment that holds its value over a long period of time.

It adds luxury to any space it’s present in and is sure to be a great addition to any home.

6. Their Design Is Much Sleeker

The last, and possibly biggest thing, is that central AC systems are much sleeker than individual window units. You’ll have an improved view from all the windows in your home, and you’ll also be able to have more natural light seep its way into your space.

You can purchase window treatments or drapes for all the windows that had AC units in them, and you don’t have to worry about the space around them being clear any longer!

That also means you’ll have more space to move around in your home with. You can place furniture or tables around and under the windows that you gain back, and you don’t have to worry about any noise they create when they turn on and off.

Sure, central AC systems create some noise, but they are a lot quieter than outdated window AC units.

On the flip side, if your singular unit was built into the wall, that frees up space for you to hang art or other things in its place. No more staring at a large vent in the wall.

Add Comfort to Your Home With a Central AC System

It’s no question that having a central AC system installed in your home is a great comfort to have. Not only does it add modernity to your space, but it makes living more comfortable in the long run, which makes everyone in your home happy.

If you’re ready to have an AC unit installed in your home, contact us today to get started.