Instead of Wasting Money on AC Repairs, Replace Your AC in Houston

A common question many homeowners ask is whether to keep repairing your current air conditioning system or to spend the money and upgrade. Often, upgrading is a wiser choice. There are a few factors and cost comparisons to consider when making this decision:

To determine which is the right course of action for you, the first thing you should do is total up the cost of repairs in the past few years. Next, find the difference in what you’re currently spending to run your air conditioning system per month to what it would cost to run a new, more energy efficient system each month. Compare how many years it would take for you to make up the cost of a new system with repairs at your current rate. Next, calculate how long it would take you to make up the cost of a new system with the amount you’d be saving every month on your energy bills. With these two cost comparisons, the solution should be fairly simple. Often times newer, more efficient units are the route to take. Not only is it likely that it will save you money on your monthly bills, the air conversion into your home is improved and your concern about costly repairs is diminished.

Whether or not you are going to upgrade your system, or if it makes more sense to continue scheduling air conditioning repair in Houston, P & M has the solution for you. If you’re interested in an upgrade, we have various affordable, energy-efficient cooling systems for you to consider. Contact us today! We look forward to serving you.

Why Tune Up Your AC System?

Sunny days in are fast approaching and you’ll need your AC unit to be performing at its very best. We’ve all been on the receiving end of a busted air conditioning unit. It’s never fun to sweat it out, especially when we could be having cool, comfortable fun indoors. We know the importance of beating the heat and we’re here to help you do just that with our air conditioning service. Summers can be tough but they don’t have to be. At P&M Air Conditioning and Heating, we’re here to provide you the best in AC maintenance and AC repair so that your air conditioning unit runs smoothly.

You might be asking yourself why regular maintenance of your AC unit is so important. There’s a great number of reasons that calling us over to your home to perform maintenance is essential. You never know when you might get hit with a heat wave and it can be difficult to get through those without something to cool you down. Making sure your AC unit is working well can be the difference between suffering through sweating and chilling out in the cool indoors.

Ever notice your energy bill beginning to skyrocket? Chances are your air conditioning unit is in need of a tune up. Things like clogged air filters or dirty coils can put your AC unit through some tough trials that will cause an uptick in energy costs. Regular AC maintenance can lower the amount of energy being used. At [company_name], we want your air conditioning unit to work for you, not suck up your hard earned cash. We’ll work to keep your AC unit running as energy efficient as possible.

Your experience with your AC unit is dependent on you keeping a close eye on its condition. Not maintaining a regular tune up schedule can result in AC unit breakdowns. These types of breakdowns can then lead to an unsafe home environment due to short circuiting or gas leaks. We are devoted to keeping your home safe and comfortable especially during hotter months which is why the dedicated technicians of P&M Air Conditioning and Heating are skilled in AC maintenance.

Your home should be a place of relaxation, not frustration. Call us today to make an AC maintenance appointment and start your sunny days off right!

What to Look For in an Air Conditioning Company

For most of us, a house represents the largest financial investment we’ll ever make. That means finding a company to handle your AC needs is of utmost importance, as well. The company you pick will be your partner in choosing and maintaining our home’s HVAC unit, which has consequences you might not have thought about. Since cooling and heating can account for almost half of a typical homeowner's energy costs, making the right decision can have an impact on our bottom line, and it can affect the comfort of your family, as well.

For years, people in [city] have trusted [company_name] for their HVAC needs. We’ve assembled a list of things to consider when you’re looking for a company to trust with your HVAC unit.

It pays to seek out a firm with that gets consistently good reviews. Do you homework and see what the Better Business Bureau has to say, and check for consumer reviews on Yelp and other sites that post real-life feedback on local companies.

An HVAC company should hire technicians who are certified by North American Technician Excellence. A NATE certification signifies a firm believes in hiring employees who are knowledgeable and know their stuff.

Ask friends, neighbors and co-workers for their recommendations. An honest referral can point you toward an HVAC contractor you might not have considered.

Ask potential contractors for references, and ask those references specific questions about the firm’s previous performance.
You should pay attention to price, but don’t make it your only consideration when choosing an HVAC contractor. You may save a few bucks initially, but often the firm with the lowest price is a fly-by-night operation that may not even be properly licensed and insured. Your best bet is to find a legitimate contractor that offers fair prices and superior service.

A reputable HVAC contractor will check your system before giving you a cost estimate. A firm that quotes a price over the phone before an in-person visit may be up to something.

When you’re looking for an HVAC contractor, do your due diligence, and make sure [company_name] is on your short list of companies you’re considering. We’re not afraid to answer your tough questions, and to earn your trust.

5 Tips to Extend the Life of Your AC Unit

AC units, heat pumps and furnaces seem so self-sufficient. It’s an illusion. They need some simple, regularly AC maintenance. Routine inspection of your cool system by a professional [city]-based technician is important to help extend the life of your AC unit. But between visits, you can properly care for your system by doing the following:

Keep It Clean
Do these simple cleaning tasks to extend you’re the life of your AC unit: clean the evaporator coil annually, replace filters at least every two months, whisk a wire brush through the drain channels, and check window seals for leaks. Contact [company_name] for more tips or assistance!

Give Your AC Unit Some Down Time
Please avoid running your AC all day. It is a tempting thought on a sweltering [city] day, but it is better to install a programmable thermostat or use a timer unit and cool your home before you get home from work. This is more efficient and does not overwork your system. There is no need to blow your AC while you are away. You are only going to keep your houseplants cool and refreshed.

Don’t Crank It Way Down
Do you like your home a chilly, brisk 75 degrees? Then it is not a good practice to come home and crank the thermostat down to 67 degrees. It will not get you to 75 any faster. It will just zip past 75, overworking the system to get you to your requested, exceedingly low temperatures.

Give Your AC Unit Some Space
Lush shrubs and vegetation planted too close to your outdoor AC unit block its air flow. It will not run efficiently. Let it breathe! Don’t try to hide your AC unit’s beauty behind plants. It won’t ventilate properly and the condenser coils can get easily clogged.

Grease the Wheels – AC Maintenance
If your system’s working parts are not properly lubricated, this will cause friction and your equipment will wear more rapidly. Lack of lubrication can also cause the unit to use more electricity and work harder. The best advice is to call a local professional like [company_name] to provide this kind of maintenance

For all your air conditioning needs, call [company_name] today!

Emergency HVAC Service In Houston TX Has Much To Offer

The summers in Houston are long, hot, and humid and you need a good air conditioning system to protect you from the weather. However, it can get cold in winter too, so you also need an effective heating system for your home. If you suddenly have air conditioning or heating problems, an emergency HVAC service in Houston TX is there to help. In fact, they offer a wide variety of heating and cooling solutions for your home or business.

Emergency repair services are available anytime you need them. You can call them 24 hours a day and someone is there to talk to you. Whether it's late at night or on a weekend, you can depend on these companies for professional help with your heating and cooling needs.

When the temperature is over one hundred degrees outdoors, the last thing you need is an AC breakdown. However, old AC units often break down in very hot weather because they can't handle the load. Your 24-hour heating and cooling professionals are busy in summer but they make exceptions for emergencies and give you prompt service.

24-hour AC repair services are valuable if you have young children in the home. They are especially important for the elderly and those incapable of taking care of themselves. It's comforting to know that there are people waiting to serve you when you need them.

A trusted emergency HVAC service in Houston can do many things for you. Maybe your old AC system is over ten years old. In Southern Texas, cooling systems see a great deal of use and after 10 years, they are often worn out. Perhaps you are thinking about replacing your old AC unit but you're not sure to go with a packaged system or a heat pump.

Packaged cooling and heating systems are perfect for manufactured homes and houses with limited space. They have both heating and cooling components outside the home. However, a heat pump is also good for limited space homes and is very efficient.

When you call your cooling and heating professionals for HVAC installation, they send a technician to your home. He looks at your current system and helps you decide which HVAC unit is best for your needs. You can compare various features and prices to come up with the perfect solution for both cooling and heating your home.

If you have concerns with indoor air quality an emergency HVAC service in Houston can help. They offer a number of solutions like ventilation systems that bring much needed fresh air inside the home, and they clean the air too. This is important for families with pets, children, and older people.

Your 24-hour heating and cooling professionals offer seasonal maintenance plans. They get your air conditioner ready for summer in the spring and heat system ready for winter in the fall. Your technician cleans and tests all the major components and lubricates moving parts. He also checks to make sure AC drains are working and gas heaters have no leaks. You'll enjoy a more comfortable winter and summer with fewer problems.

Emergency HVAC In Houston Services

Southeast Texas is no stranger to inclement and harsh weather. In fact, recent torrential downpours in Houston flooded many areas. These storms also brought heavy and gusty winds, along with lightning, thunder, and especially tornadoes. From Sugar Land to Katy, countless homes were without power and experienced damages to their AC and heating units. If you are one of these victims, emergency HVAC in Houston is simply a phone call away.

With years of extensive industry experience, local AC and heating professionals can repair and resolve a number of issues. This includes system mechanical failures, along with damages to vital parts and components. They also replace any outdated accessories, including fans, rotary blades, motor blades, compressors and much more. With emergency services 24/7, Houston customers are assured timely and affordable services across the board.

Tornadoes are notorious for causing millions of dollars in damages to entire cities and towns. Sadly, many fatalities have also occurred due to tornadoes touching down on subdivisions, apartment complexes, offices, and commercial establishments. These acts of Mother Nature even cause electrical interference, and can easily result in downed power lines and transformers across any city.

With this in mind, HVAC units are always susceptible to both exterior and interior damages. While Houston does have emergency response systems in place, you need professional AC and heating teams to restore normal and proper airflow to properties. Local technicians have the ability to repair or completely overhaul your units while you wait. This includes central cooling and heating systems, along with portable units for residences and businesses.

As part of any service or maintenance job, technicians will also check filter and vents for proper air returns. They even seal up any leaks, while ensuring maximum airflow in attics, crawlspaces, and other moist and dark areas. As always, your HVAC professional will also check for mold and contact a remediation expert if any spores are found.

With Houston in the middle of tornado activities, now is the right time to secure your units before irreparable harm and damages occur. With just one phone call, you can get the professional AC and heating repairs and services you need. Local technicians are committed to excellence in all services and are fully certified to handle all unit types, models, and designs.

As always, technicians will also check your units to make sure they are properly sized. This includes the coils, which play a pivotal role in optimal airflow throughout your home or business. They also drain water pans connected to the central unit, while checking attics to ensure proper insulation is in place as well.

Tornadoes and harsh weather can seriously damage homes and businesses at any time. However, it is great to know that repairs and services are just around the corner. Whether via phone, text, or e-mail, Houston AC and heating professionals are determined to help all customers get the services they need. You can check Google to compare service providers in your area as well. In fact, this is the best way to make a decision about which company or contractor you want to hire for your AC and heating maintenance.

Heating And Air Conditioning Friendswood

With the advent of indoor sports arenas which easily accommodate games ranging from tennis to track and field to football and baseball, you might assume that the weather really doesn't matter, since the players and fans will be protected from the harsher elements of weather conditions. However, for many sports, including football, outdoor stadiums are still the most common way to play or watch a game. Of course, games watched in the comfort of heating and air conditioning Friendswood homes are always comfortable.

Football is a game which has a lengthy season, beginning in the spring with training camps and continuing on through pre-season games, as well as college football events. Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Years Day are marked by a number of televised games in all parts of the country. The post-season games and the Super Bowl are played in still more locations and weather conditions.

Most weather conditions affect both fans and players. Some weather conditions also affect the equipment. The inflation of the football, the right type of uniforms and footwear can make a big difference in how well the teams are able to perform. In many cases, the inclement weather will affect both teams in a relatively similar manner.

Since teams switch sides on the field during the game, conditions such as the sun's glare, wind gusts, and rain showers may not give an appreciable advantage to one team or the other. The home turf may actually play a greater role in the team's performance than weather conditions.

Rain showers can cause a game to be highly unpleasant for fans and for the players. Artificial turf can become slippery and can even cause various types of injuries which would be less likely on a natural sod playing surface. For rainy days on artificial turf, there are efforts made to cover the playing field and eliminate much of the water issues.

Some games are played when it is snowing, particularly in the New England and other northern locations. Snow brings its own set of problems to players. It can be difficult to see the actions of other players and even to identify the path of a thrown football. Added to visibility problems are the surface slipperiness.

Wind is another issue which can affect the game, A football in the air, whether kicked or thrown can be markedly affected by a sudden gust of wind. Conversely, a wind gust at the right moment can cause a longer throw to be counted, so long as the receiver is able to track the path of the ball and be in a position to catch it when it comes down.

The fans at least have the opportunity to avoid going out into really inclement weather. If they are determined to attend the game, they can take handwarmers and foot warmers and parkas with hoods. They can also enjoy the refreshments served at many games. When the weather is unseasonably warm, fans can enjoy the iced drinks and any little breeze that appears. However, the best way to be sure of pleasant temperatures is indoors, in front of the big screen TV.

Money Saving Tips For Heating And Air Conditioning Bellaire

Trusting all HVAC install, repair and maintenance to a professional service provider offers peace of mind and the best value. Highly skilled and trained technicians are available to keep your heating and cooling appliances fully operational with minimal fuss and the goal to save you time and money. For heating and air conditioning Bellaire installers repairmen will advise on ways to protect against chilly weather conditions in South Texas according to your budget.

You may be under the impression that having HVAC systems regularly inspected is expensive and unnecessary. Unfortunately a failure to keep these mechanisms properly cleaned and checked can lead to unexpected damage, sluggish performance and increased energy consumption leaving you with a high bill and little relief. Keep out the cold effectively and avoid downtime by calling on the right people for the install and the management of equipment.

With the onset of severe weather conditions, it is important to prepare with reliably operating heaters. Storms and cold may leave you stuck indoors and should include an effectively operating heating appliance to assist in the prevention of sudden indoor temperature drops. Calling on HVAC specialists will best manage your air conditioner and minimize expenditure including breakdowns and replacement of units.

Experienced and skilled experts in HVAC operation and maintenance will provide superior performance solutions for all air conditioning equipment. Keeping indoor temperatures warm during the winter months and cooler in the summer will place a great deal of demand on these systems. Appliances kept in a quality condition supports efficiency and the production of clean air according to safe environmental standards.

The colder outdoor temperatures is a sure sign of the extremes in seasonal change. To prevent the bitter chill from causing discomfort or high bills in heating operations, call on certified HVAC technicians. A professional approach can save on the costs of buying the wrong equipment, incorrect installation or having inexperienced persons handle the repairs of broken down equipment.

A warmer and more comfortable environment makes it easier to relax and perform regular tasks. Having a trustworthy HVAC company provide unique design solutions will keep apparatus in quality condition and efficiently operating through the year. A professional maintenance procedure is completed quickly and is one of the most affordable ways to manage the integrity of heating and cooling equipment.

Never attempt the repair of appliances without the assistance and recommendations delivered by experienced technicians in the industry. Licensed professionals are familiar with the operation of air conditioners and will detect problems without the risk of causing complications. It is more affordable to have these services performed rather than look at cutting costs and having to spend more money down the line on repairs and replacements.

Before the temperatures plummet, have your HVAC system checked and maintained with a reputable technical air conditioning and heating service. Cost effective procedure with efficient measure are provided to keep appliances fully operational during the year including the colder winter months. A lack of general maintenance and failure to obtain assistance from licensed technicians can compromise system operation and its longevity.

HVAC League City AC Air Conditioner Tips

Increased heat waves and humid conditions make for uncomfortable indoor environments. Reliance on a fan brings little reprieve while poorly maintained air conditioners consume more electricity without properly adjusting the temperatures. HVAC League City installation Houston offers reliable and quality solutions to beat the hot weeks ahead.

With AC installation Bellaire Texas households can expect systems designed to produce high quality and efficient cooling operations. The purpose is to maintain comfortable conditions for a home or office when outdoor temperatures begin to soar and become unmanageable. Reliance on a reputable AC repair and installation service can assist when hot weather hits and simply cannot be handled without the functionality of air conditioning units.

Indoor air quality and the maintenance of efficient and fully operational equipment can deliver exceptional results and prevent breakdowns leaving you hot and bothered. Trusting the install and repair of apparatus to a qualified and experienced service can prevent the severe discomfort caused by extreme heat and humid weather. It ensures that you remain cool when the temperatures begin to rise without additional costs or complications to restore or replace appliances.

An air conditioning service installation in Friendswood communities can advise on the types of systems that must be installed to deliver efficient and cooler operation. Temperature regulation is dependent on high functioning apparatus with the purpose of creating a cooler more conducive environment. A professional can advise on the design and size of machinery offering the greatest capacity to reduce the intensity of hot and humid weather patterns.

Effective repair and maintenance services are delivered by certified technicians to ensure that air conditioners deliver a high level output when temperatures begin to soar. Run down mechanisms that have not received a scheduled service will consume more electricity and fail to deliver the proper output contributing to hiked utility bills. Assistance provided by qualified technicians can prevent breakdowns and restore much needed efficiency.

Intensified heat lasting for days to weeks can make for unpleasant living and working conditions. With reliance on the install of fully operational, efficient and powerful air conditioning installs Houston Texas homes can deliver cooler air for a comfortable indoor space. The onset of hot temperatures for the upcoming weeks requires the proper management methods to keep HVAC systems operating at full capacity for conducive conditions over a period of time.

Maintenance is performed with professional assistance including the replacement of air filters, checking coils, refrigerant levels and thermostat operation. Keeping internal mechanisms clean produces healthier environmental conditions minimizing exposure to the accumulation of dust, dander and indoor contaminants. The system is able to operate at higher levels of efficiency when debris and dust are removed for effective and long term function.

The installation of an HVAC system to manage soaring temperatures requires the professional and quality services delivered by air conditioning experts. Highly qualified technicians can perform routine maintenance and scheduled repairs to keep mechanisms fully functional and ensure that the environment remains cool and comfortable. Beating a heat wave can be achieved with reliance on the right types of conditioners.

Dodging A Bullet With Hurricane Matthew

Most Americans still remember the devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina. This was one of the most powerful storms of this type in history, reaching category 5 with sustained winds of over 160 miles per hour. Most of the country recently dodged a bullet when Hurricane Matthew made a pass up the east coast. This was the first storm to reach category 5 status since Hurricane Felix in 2007.

Matthew formed as a tropical wave near the west coast of Africa and began its track across the Atlantic. Along the way, it formed into a tropical storm and later a hurricane. The storm caused major damage in Haiti and the Bahamas. It also produced heavy rains and high storm surges from Florida to the Carolinas before tracking back out to sea and dissipating.

Floods from the storm were seen as far inland as 40 miles in North Carolina. Even though this storm did not make a landfall in the US while at its full strength, it did cause significant flooding and wind damage all along the east coast during its passage. There was one officially reported landfall in the US while the storm was still rated as a category 1 storm that produced sustained winds of 75 miles per hour.

The damage caused by this storm was extensive and will take quite some time to assess and clean up. However, it could have been much worse had the storm maintained its intensity longer or made a more direct landfall. Its path was far enough from the coast during most of its duration that this minimized the damage felt inland.

While Matthew stayed off the east coast, it could have entered the Gulf of Mexico under other circumstances and maintained its intensity for a much longer time. Had this happened, the damage would have been much worse all along the gulf coast and inland. There could easily have been an extensive loss of life as well as property damage had this occurred.

One facet of the reconstruction following storms of this intensity is repair or replacement of damaged HVAC systems. Heating and air conditioning are essential to more than just human comfort. They can save lives when the weather turns violent or temps go to extremes. While this may be a low priority for those affected by Matthew, it can serve as a reminder to the rest of us to have our systems checked.

Regular maintenance of heating and cooling systems can help to ensure that they function when needed, no matter what the weather. Potential problems can be caught by routine inspections and repaired before they become problems. Early detection and repair can also save money.

Hurricanes are not the only natural disasters that affect us each year. They are, however, among the most damaging to life and property. For anyone rebuilding after a major storm or other disasters, installation of an appropriate system can help with the process. Even before construction is completed on structures, a well-installed system can be turned on in order to help keep those working on the reconstruction comfortable and protect materials used by controlling humidity.