A common question many homeowners ask is whether to keep repairing your current air conditioning system or to spend the money and upgrade. Often, upgrading is a wiser choice. There are a few factors and cost comparisons to consider when making this decision:

To determine which is the right course of action for you, the first thing you should do is total up the cost of repairs in the past few years. Next, find the difference in what you’re currently spending to run your air conditioning system per month to what it would cost to run a new, more energy efficient system each month. Compare how many years it would take for you to make up the cost of a new system with repairs at your current rate. Next, calculate how long it would take you to make up the cost of a new system with the amount you’d be saving every month on your energy bills. With these two cost comparisons, the solution should be fairly simple. Often times newer, more efficient units are the route to take. Not only is it likely that it will save you money on your monthly bills, the air conversion into your home is improved and your concern about costly repairs is diminished.

Whether or not you are going to upgrade your system, or if it makes more sense to continue scheduling air conditioning repair in Houston, P & M has the solution for you. If you’re interested in an upgrade, we have various affordable, energy-efficient cooling systems for you to consider. Contact us today! We look forward to serving you.