Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that comes from car exhaust, appliances, and the furnace.  When the gas is not properly ventilated, the indoor air quality is significantly impacted. Because it can not be seen or smelled, it easily poisons people as they go about their daily routines, and can and can be fatal for those who inhale it while sleeping. But there are ways that you can protect your home and practice carbon monoxide safety.

Install a Carbon Monoxide Detector

The first thing you can do to protect your home from carbon monoxide is to install a carbon monoxide detector. A carbon monoxide detector acts similar to a smoke detector in that it will sound an alarm when carbon monoxide is detected. Remember, you can not see or smell the gas, so do not ignore the alarm. Open windows and doors to let fresh air inside, get everyone outside, and call 9-1-1. Do not go back inside until the authorities have cleared your home, and it is safe.

Know the Symptoms of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Unfortunately, the symptoms of carbon monoxide are similar to that of the flu and thus are confusing. Symptoms include headaches, nausea, dizziness, vomiting, and Fatigue. However, unlike the flu, as the poisoning worsens fainting, increased heart rate, confusion, and loss of consciousness can occur. If there is a chance you may have carbon monoxide poisoning, seek medical attention immediately.

Service Furnace Regularly

A furnace that is not maintained or is not properly vented can emit carbon monoxide into your home. Have a reliable Houston heating repair and installation contractor perform routine maintenance on your furnace to ensure that it is not poisoning your home. If your furnace is old and can not be fixed, replace it immediately.

Call us today to schedule an appointment to have your furnace serviced. Rest assured we will check that everything is working properly to keep your home safe and carbon monoxide free.