With cold weather comes the need for a heating solution. Homeowners will want either a heat pump or a furnace to meet this need. Hotter weather brings different challenges. Before choosing one over the other it’s important to understand the differences between the two.

Heat Pump Vs. Furnace

A heat pump is essentially the reverse of an air conditioning unit. Heat pumps bring warmer air from the outside to heat a home. They have one advantage over a furnace: cooling mode. If heat pumps have this feature they may double as an air condition unit in the summer.

A furnace, on the other hand, heats a home mostly using oil or naturals gas. Heat pumps use electricity. There are electric furnaces available. However, they consume a high amount of energy and may not be cost-efficient based upon the overall usage.

Weather and Usage

Freezing winters, hot summers, mild climates — these are the types of weather which should be taken into consideration. Freezing winter and hot summer will require the most energy usage. Mild climates will require the least energy usage.

A heat pump is generally considered a better choice for a mild climate. A furnace is generally considered a better choice for a more extreme climate. This is because furnaces work better than heat pumps in freezing temperatures. Therefore, a heat pump may replace a furnace depending on how mild a climate is.

Maintaining the Unit

Heat pumps and furnaces both break down over time. This is why regular maintenance is crucial to extend the life of the unit. Proper maintenance can save the owner hundreds or even thousands of dollars. We offer routine maintenance on both heat pumps and furnaces.

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