Close to 47% of American households relied on natural gas furnaces to heat their homes in 2017. These figures have gone up over the last three years as the population soars. Furnaces remain the most common main space heating option for most Americans to date. 

During the cold winter months, furnaces come in handy as people ward off the chilling shivers. However, for your furnace equipment to serve you better throughout the regular seasons, you need to focus on proper maintenance. 

Furnace filters are among the most critical parts of your furnace, which require constant attention. Encountering furnace filter concerns during winter can drive you into frustrations considering the vital role these furnace parts play. 

Are you wondering how to keep your furnace air filters well-maintained and ready for all seasons? In this article, we reflect on the role of furnace filters. 

What Are Furnace Filters?

Unless you pay close attention to your furnace, you might miss these critical components. Air filters are small devices in your furnace that serve the essential purpose of filtering the particles entering through them. This device has tiny openings, which help in supporting the filtration of air into the furnace. 

Importance of Air Filters

Air filters play a myriad of critical roles when your furnace is running. This is more reason why you need to pay attention to the air filters by ensuring proper maintenance. Are you wondering why these furnace filters are so important? 

Help Keep the Air Ducts Clean

Your heating system is always in trouble when the ducts are dirty. Most air ducts are susceptible to the build-up of pollutants, which may, in the end, affect how your furnace functions. In the end, the build-up and circulation of such contaminants can lead to allergies and other health complications. 

Air filters exist to address this concern. Proper maintenance of your furnace’s filters can help keep the equipment in appropriate functional order by keeping the ducts clean. Our HVAC experts advise that it’s important to consider changing your filters as often as possible to ensure that the vents are clean and safe at all times. 

Lower Energy Bills 

The average American spends at least $3,052 on energy expenditure every year. This expense is relatively high, considering that there are numerous other bills you need to cater for every month. Are you wondering how best to reduce this high cost of heating expenditure?

Replacing your furnace filters could do the trick. One critical importance of furnace filters is minimizing the cost you pay per year or month for heating. 

However, this depends on your ability to keep the filter new and clean. A dirty air filter can lead to excessively high costs of energy, which may affect your finances. 

If you are keen on minimizing the cost of energy in your home, it might be time to consider replacing those air filters. The best part is that our experts are always on call to install your filters in a way that helps you save on energy bills. 

Longer Life-Span for Your Furnace

A well-maintained furnace can last between 15 and 20 years. This average lifespan, however, depends on multiple factors. One of the main factors is the aspect efficiency. 

Unless your furnace is operating at optimum, you risk having it for a shorter period. Faulty furnace filters are the number one reason you might end up in trouble with your furnace sooner. A properly functional furnace filter will guarantee you a longer lifespan for your furnace. 

This is more reason why you need to consider washable furnace filters for your heating equipment. It would be best if you thought of such options to minimize the cost of replacing your furnaces with new ones each time the device develops issues. Washable filters will allow you to have a longer life span for your furnace. 

Better Air Quality

It’s no use having a warm, well-heated home if the air quality is wanting. One of the main reasons you need to keep your filters clean is to ensure better air quality. The growing cases of allergies and breathing-related complications among the populations could be partly due to the inherence of poor air quality in most homes. 

Air filters have an essential role to play in improving the quality of air in your home. When you purchase the best furnace filters, you have the advantage of having quality air flowing in your house. This has a direct impact on the quality of life for those living in your home. 

Reduced Risk of System Failure

One of the most dreaded issues in a home heating system is the possibility of sudden system failure. When this happens, especially during winter, you could be in trouble trying to keep the house warm. When you have the best air filters, you don’t need to worry about the risk of sudden failure in your heating system. 

The best part is that most furnace air filters can last for a longer time if proper care is in place. This means that you can make a deliberate effort to change your filters as often as possible. In the end, this will be a cheaper cost to incur than dealing with a systems failure. 

How Often Should Air Furnace Filters be Changed? 

This is a common question most homeowners ask. Most people consider changing their home furnace filters twice a year. This may be in alternating seasons, maybe in spring and fall. 

The best way around your furnace filter scheduling would be to consider a monthly change of these critical devices. If monthly is too much for you, you could also consider settling for washable furnace filters. 

It’s Time To Pay More Attention To Your Furnace Filters 

Most home furnaces fail to survive for long due to poor maintenance scheduling. Unless you identify the most critical parts in the furnace, you might be in trouble with recurrent furnace replacement cost. One of the essential aspects of the heating systems is the furnace filters. 

Your first step in the process of improving the life span of your heating system is to focus on replacing the filters as often as you can. Once you normalize this culture, you won’t have to worry about your heating system’s sudden failure and the cold nights that follow. 

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