With the advent of indoor sports arenas which easily accommodate games ranging from tennis to track and field to football and baseball, you might assume that the weather really doesn’t matter, since the players and fans will be protected from the harsher elements of weather conditions. However, for many sports, including football, outdoor stadiums are still the most common way to play or watch a game. Of course, games watched in the comfort of heating and air conditioning Friendswood homes are always comfortable.

Football is a game which has a lengthy season, beginning in the spring with training camps and continuing on through pre-season games, as well as college football events. Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Years Day are marked by a number of televised games in all parts of the country. The post-season games and the Super Bowl are played in still more locations and weather conditions.

Most weather conditions affect both fans and players. Some weather conditions also affect the equipment. The inflation of the football, the right type of uniforms and footwear can make a big difference in how well the teams are able to perform. In many cases, the inclement weather will affect both teams in a relatively similar manner.

Since teams switch sides on the field during the game, conditions such as the sun’s glare, wind gusts, and rain showers may not give an appreciable advantage to one team or the other. The home turf may actually play a greater role in the team’s performance than weather conditions.

Rain showers can cause a game to be highly unpleasant for fans and for the players. Artificial turf can become slippery and can even cause various types of injuries which would be less likely on a natural sod playing surface. For rainy days on artificial turf, there are efforts made to cover the playing field and eliminate much of the water issues.

Some games are played when it is snowing, particularly in the New England and other northern locations. Snow brings its own set of problems to players. It can be difficult to see the actions of other players and even to identify the path of a thrown football. Added to visibility problems are the surface slipperiness.

Wind is another issue which can affect the game, A football in the air, whether kicked or thrown can be markedly affected by a sudden gust of wind. Conversely, a wind gust at the right moment can cause a longer throw to be counted, so long as the receiver is able to track the path of the ball and be in a position to catch it when it comes down.

The fans at least have the opportunity to avoid going out into really inclement weather. If they are determined to attend the game, they can take handwarmers and foot warmers and parkas with hoods. They can also enjoy the refreshments served at many games. When the weather is unseasonably warm, fans can enjoy the iced drinks and any little breeze that appears. However, the best way to be sure of pleasant temperatures is indoors, in front of the big screen TV.