About 6% of all electrical use in the US goes directly to HVAC systems. Unfortunately, your unit could break down right before Houston’s hot summer temperatures roll in. You may have to sweat it out if you neglect to schedule your pre-season HVAC tune-up.

A spring HVAC tune-up will help you spot issues before the unit breaks down. Not sure if you need HVAC services? Read on to discover the benefits of contacting your Houston HVAC contractor today!

The Benefits of a Spring HVAC Tune-Up

Don’t wait until obvious signs your HVAC unit is breaking down to call a Houston HVAC contractor. Even new systems need a refrigerant refill and thorough cleaning.

Instead, schedule your HVAC tune-up once a year, either in the fall or spring. You’ll have peace of mind knowing it’s functioning properly before extreme weather rolls in. Here are a few other benefits you’ll experience after scheduling a spring HVAC tune-up!

Reducing Heating and Cooling Costs

Have your utility bills fluctuated year-over-year? Homeowners spend about $29 billion a year running their air conditioning units. You could spend more than usual if you neglect to schedule preventative HVAC maintenance services.

Over time, your HVAC unit’s components will experience natural wear and tear. The entire unit will push itself twice as hard to function. The energy it spends to operate will cause your energy bills to rise.

Scheduling a routine tune-up will ensure the unit is running smoothly. You can reduce your utility bill for the spring and summer seasons.

Talk to your Houston HVAC contractor for HVAC system tips. They can make recommendations to help you improve your energy efficiency. For example, they may recommend you switch to a smart thermometer, giving you more control over your HVAC.

Less Chance of a Breakdown

Your HVAC system may not show many signs of impending failure before it breaks down completely. Allowing an experienced technician to assess your unit is essential. They can determine which components are about to break down. 

Otherwise, you may not realize something is wrong until the unit stops working. Hiring a trained technician to inspect the unit can help you avoid the stress of a breakdown.

Schedule preventative HVAC maintenance at least once a year. You can catch small problems before they develop into big issues. Maintenance can help you avoid the cost of purchasing a brand new unit sooner than expected. 

Improved Comfort

Imagine having friends and family over to celebrate summer break, only for your HVAC unit to break down. Your guests likely won’t want to stay if they’re sweating inside.

Unfortunately, HVAC failures seem to happen when you need your unit to work the most. Your unit will overexert itself trying to function during peak summer months. Make sure everything is functioning as intended before the heatwave rolls in.

You can mitigate potential disasters by scheduling preventative HVAC maintenance. Your contractor will ensure the unit is running at its best before guests arrive. 

Better Air Quality

If your HVAC unit isn’t working at maximum capacity, your air quality could suffer. Restricted vents and clogged filters can lead to poor air circulation. Pet dander, pollen, and other airborne contaminants will fill your home.

Breathing in poor air can negatively impact your mental and physical health. You may start experiencing allergy symptoms. People with asthma may notice their symptoms worsening.

Keep everyone in your home safe by scheduling regular HVAC servicing. As your technician for air quality improvement tips. For example, you can:

  • Remove air pollutants
  • Improve air circulation by opening a window
  • Switch to a new thermostat
  • Get a dehumidifier
  • Use a humidifier during dry months
  • Switch your air filters
  • Limited scented items that cause VOCs
  • Get air-filtering indoor plants

The next time you see your HVAC contractor, ask about air duct cleaning services. Ask if they can recommend a better air filter as well. Their services can improve the air quality in your home, benefiting your well-being.  

Extend the Unit’s Lifespan

Remember, your HVAC unit will work twice as hard to function if components have worn down. Routine preventative HVAC maintenance can extend the lifespan of a unit to over 15 years. Without maintenance, the unit may only last five years. 

A spring HVAC tune-up will keep small problems from snowballing. You can replace worn-down parts before they fail completely. These routine updates will extend the unit’s natural lifespan.

Your experienced contractor can provide additional HVAC system tips. They’ll help you avoid paying for a new unit sooner than expected. 

Avoid Long Wait Times

Most homeowners experience HVAC issues when temperatures are at their peak. Don’t wait until summer or winter to call for help.

Scheduling preventative maintenance in the spring can help you avoid long wait times. Instead, you can receive help before there’s an emergency. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your HVAC contractor is available. 

Signs You Need Immediate Servicing

Request immediate HVAC servicing if you notice:

  • Increased energy bills
  • Weak or non-existent airflow
  • Non-functioning cooling or heating systems
  • The thermostat’s reading is inaccurate
  • Unusual noise coming from the unit
  • Loss of indoor air quality
  • A change in your home’s humidity
  • Unpleasant odors coming from the unit

Your HVAC professional can assess the problem before it escalates. They’ll make customized recommendations based on their assessment. 

What’s a Spring HVAC Tune-Up?

A regular HVAC tune-up usually involves:

  • Oiling/lubricating the motor
  • Checking and adjusting blower belts
  • Replacing the system’s air filter
  • Measuring the voltage system
  • Cleaning the condensate drain
  • Repairing electrical connections
  • Testing controls
  • Flushing the drain line and trap
  • Inspecting the heat exchanger
  • Measuring refrigerant levels
  • Testing the thermostat

Schedule a Pre-Season HVAC Tune-Up Today

Don’t wait until your HVAC unit breaks down. Instead, schedule your pre-season HVAC tune-up in Houston as soon as possible. Your HVAC contractor will ensure your unit is working as intended before major problems develop. 

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