If you live in Houston, TX, you know the real meaning of heat and humidity. There are few other places in the world you’ll find as stifling, sticky, and sweaty as Houston!

At the same time, it’s shocking how cold the winters can get because of that same humidity. There’s no winning! That’s why you need a reliable HVAC.

HVAC quotes are necessary before you commit to a contract, but when is the best time to get a central AC estimate in Houston? Learn all about it in this helpful guide.

The “Off Season”

Of course, you know that the Texans, the Rockets, and the Astros all have their respective off-seasons. But did you know that there’s an offseason for HVAC replacement as well?

The best time of year to get your HVAC quote is at the beginning of the offseason. In the HVAC world, that’s between summer and winter (and vice versa), so fall or spring.

HVAC companies are all busy in the middle of the summer, as you can imagine, especially in Houston. And during the winter they’re just as busy installing and repairing heaters; you know how deep into your bones that Houston winter humidity gets!

Spring and fall are usually much more temperate than summer and winter. There’s less of a need to run your heater or AC. This means there’s much less of a demand for HVAC installation, which makes it the perfect time to get an estimate!

If you’re wanting an HVAC quote for total installation or just a repair, call the professionals at the beginning of the next offseason. You’ll be sure to get the best possible price.

When You Don’t Have One At All

Maybe you moved to Houston in the offseason and don’t yet know the harsh realities of your new summers and winters. If your new place doesn’t have an HVAC system, you’re definitely going to want one!

An ideal time to get an HVAC estimate is when you don’t have an HVAC system at all. Since it’s the offseason, it’s the perfect time to get an estimate.

It’s ideal to call at the beginning of the offseason so that if you do want a total installation, you have plenty of time to get booked, have your appointment, and get everything installed and working before summer hits!

The worst thing you could do would be to wait until the heat and humidity of summer come crashing down before you even have an estimate. Get ahead of the weather and ahead of the rush: if you don’t have an HVAC system at all, call at the beginning of the offseason!

When You Notice Uneven Air Flow

Have you ever been in a house that had freezing cold rooms and weirdly hot rooms at the exact same time? That points to a problem with the HVAC’s air flow.

If you notice weak flow from a certain vent or an overly powerful flow from another, that’s a sure sign you should call and get a repair estimate. Weak air flow out of a vent can result from build-up. Oftentimes it means you need a new air filter.

Did you know you’re supposed to replace your air filter at least every two months? How many of us go months without replacing it, then only think about it when we notice an air flow problem? Check out your air filter and call a professional to inspect the rest of your vents.

If you have warm spots in your house that your AC just isn’t reaching, or if you turn the AC on and it just doesn’t cool down the room you’re in, don’t hesitate to get your quote. You want your HVAC system up and running beautifully to best serve you through your Houston summer and winter.

When It’s Been More Than One Year

Just like replacing your air filter, having your AC routinely checked can easily slip your mind. Did you know you’re supposed to get it checked once per year?

A great time to call and get an HVAC quote is when it’s been a year (or more!) since you’ve had it looked at. Even if you haven’t noticed any big issues, only a real professional can spot certain problems or potential problems.

For the best results and pricing, try to get your AC inspected in the spring and your heater in the fall. But of course, it’s much better to have it checked than not, so don’t let the seasons dissuade you from calling today.

When You Notice Strange Odors

Maybe you didn’t use your heater all summer and all of fall. That’s great! You certainly saved money on energy usage.

But then when you finally turn it on, you notice strange odors wafting from your vents. This may be due to build-up.

Over time and with enough condensation, mold can actually grow throughout your ductwork. The absolute last thing you want to live with is mold in your air!

If you notice weird smells in your house, especially when your HVAC is running, don’t hesitate to call us for a quote. We’ll check for mold, mildew, or anything else caught in your ducts.

Get Your HVAC Quotes At the Right Time

Do you live in and with the 100% humidity in Houston? There’s no escaping it, is there? You can feel it even when you’re inside.

Good news is, a reliable HVAC system can save your life at those times! That’s exactly what we’re here for.

There are good, better, and the best time to get HVAC quotes. Good would be when you remember, better would be the moment you need it, and best would be all the tips in this article.

Of course, even if it’s not the offseason, we still want you to call and talk to us about your HVAC needs! Check out our services page to know exactly what we can do for you.

And check out our blog to read our in-depth answers to frequently asked HVAC questions. The more you know, the better!