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HVAC Quotes When to Get a Free Central AC Estimate in Houston TX

If you live in Houston, TX, you know the real meaning of heat and humidity. There are few other places in the world you'll find as stifling, sticky, and sweaty as Houston!

At the same time, it's shocking how cold the winters can get because of that same humidity. There's no winning! That's why you need a reliable HVAC.

HVAC quotes are necessary before you commit to a contract, but when is the best time to get a central AC estimate in Houston? Learn all about it in this helpful guide.

The "Off Season"

Of course, you know that the Texans, the Rockets, and the Astros all have their respective off-seasons. But did you know that there's an offseason for HVAC replacement as well?

The best time of year to get your HVAC quote is at the beginning of the offseason. In the HVAC world, that's between summer and winter (and vice versa), so fall or spring.

HVAC companies are all busy in the middle of the summer, as you can imagine, especially in Houston. And during the winter they're just as busy installing and repairing heaters; you know how deep into your bones that Houston winter humidity gets!

Spring and fall are usually much more temperate than summer and winter. There's less of a need to run your heater or AC. This means there's much less of a demand for HVAC installation, which makes it the perfect time to get an estimate!

If you're wanting an HVAC quote for total installation or just a repair, call the professionals at the beginning of the next offseason. You'll be sure to get the best possible price.

When You Don't Have One At All

Maybe you moved to Houston in the offseason and don't yet know the harsh realities of your new summers and winters. If your new place doesn't have an HVAC system, you're definitely going to want one!

An ideal time to get an HVAC estimate is when you don't have an HVAC system at all. Since it's the offseason, it's the perfect time to get an estimate.

It's ideal to call at the beginning of the offseason so that if you do want a total installation, you have plenty of time to get booked, have your appointment, and get everything installed and working before summer hits!

The worst thing you could do would be to wait until the heat and humidity of summer come crashing down before you even have an estimate. Get ahead of the weather and ahead of the rush: if you don't have an HVAC system at all, call at the beginning of the offseason!

When You Notice Uneven Air Flow

Have you ever been in a house that had freezing cold rooms and weirdly hot rooms at the exact same time? That points to a problem with the HVAC's air flow.

If you notice weak flow from a certain vent or an overly powerful flow from another, that's a sure sign you should call and get a repair estimate. Weak air flow out of a vent can result from build-up. Oftentimes it means you need a new air filter.

Did you know you're supposed to replace your air filter at least every two months? How many of us go months without replacing it, then only think about it when we notice an air flow problem? Check out your air filter and call a professional to inspect the rest of your vents.

If you have warm spots in your house that your AC just isn't reaching, or if you turn the AC on and it just doesn't cool down the room you're in, don't hesitate to get your quote. You want your HVAC system up and running beautifully to best serve you through your Houston summer and winter.

When It's Been More Than One Year

Just like replacing your air filter, having your AC routinely checked can easily slip your mind. Did you know you're supposed to get it checked once per year?

A great time to call and get an HVAC quote is when it's been a year (or more!) since you've had it looked at. Even if you haven't noticed any big issues, only a real professional can spot certain problems or potential problems.

For the best results and pricing, try to get your AC inspected in the spring and your heater in the fall. But of course, it's much better to have it checked than not, so don't let the seasons dissuade you from calling today.

When You Notice Strange Odors

Maybe you didn't use your heater all summer and all of fall. That's great! You certainly saved money on energy usage.

But then when you finally turn it on, you notice strange odors wafting from your vents. This may be due to build-up.

Over time and with enough condensation, mold can actually grow throughout your ductwork. The absolute last thing you want to live with is mold in your air!

If you notice weird smells in your house, especially when your HVAC is running, don't hesitate to call us for a quote. We'll check for mold, mildew, or anything else caught in your ducts.

Get Your HVAC Quotes At the Right Time

Do you live in and with the 100% humidity in Houston? There's no escaping it, is there? You can feel it even when you're inside.

Good news is, a reliable HVAC system can save your life at those times! That's exactly what we're here for.

There are good, better, and the best time to get HVAC quotes. Good would be when you remember, better would be the moment you need it, and best would be all the tips in this article.

Of course, even if it's not the offseason, we still want you to call and talk to us about your HVAC needs! Check out our services page to know exactly what we can do for you.

And check out our blog to read our in-depth answers to frequently asked HVAC questions. The more you know, the better!

5 Reasons to Call the Professionals for Houston Air Conditioning Repair

Houston has a warm climate, which means that homes in Houston are more likely to run their air conditioner throughout the year. Constant operation makes it more likely that an air conditioner will break down. This can leave you stranded in the middle of the summer, with no way to make your home comfortable again. 

Knowing the reasons to call the professionals for Houston air conditioning repair makes it much easier for you to know how to keep your AC unit running smoothly throughout the summer months. 

5 Reasons to Schedule Houston Air Conditioning Repair

The following five reasons are the most common problems that can affect your air conditioner. Being able to narrow down the problem your unit is suffering from can help speed up the repair process. Let your contractor know what you've noticed about your air conditioner's performance when you contact them. 

1. Increased Energy Bills

You should always call a professional to take a look at your air conditioner if you notice that its performance has suffered. The clearest way to measure the performance of your air conditioner is through your utility bills.

A well-functioning air conditioner works at its highest efficiency. As your air conditioner ages, it's performance will degrade, requiring it to run for longer periods of time to produce the same cooling effect. 

This means that your unit can cause your energy bills to spike if there is a new mechanical issue that develops in a month. You will also be able to see smaller, gradual increases in utility costs over time as your unit becomes less efficient. Maintenance like duct cleaning, air filter replacement and anything else that needs fixing can reduce your bills and improve your system's performance. 

2. Strange Noises

Beyond tracking your electricity bills each month, you should also listen to any noises your air conditioner makes. Different sounds can point to different issues.

For instance, rattling sounds mean that your ducts have likely come loose. This causes them to rub against each other, resulting in a constant sound from your vents when your unit is on. A whistling sound can point to the same thing occurring. 

This is more than an annoying sound. Sections of ductwork that are not secured to one another can let air from your air conditioner leak out. This reduces air flow throughout your home, and can make your unit less efficient and effective. 

In some cases, a grinding sound can come from your air conditioner itself. This usually means that the fan's blades have bent out of shape, and are grinding against another metal component. Letting this continue can cause more damage to other parts of your unit, which means more expensive repairs. 

3. Uneven Cooling 

Another reason to consider professional Houston air conditioning repair is the presence of warm spots in your home. An air conditioner that is working as intended will cool your entire home. If it is struggling to cool specific areas, it needs some sort of maintenance.

Unfortunately, it can be hard to pinpoint what is affecting your air conditioner's efficiency. That is why a professional inspection is the best thing to do, as you can identify the cause and necessary fix. 

4. Odors 

A strange smell that comes out of your vents points to an issue with your ducts. If they are not insulated correctly, condensation can build up within them. 

This can lead to mold growth in your ducts. This is something that you should be very concerned about, as mold exposure can have large impacts on the health of you and your family. It can aggravate or even cause certain breathing conditions.

Cleaning your ducts out, and repairing the ductwork to prevent future condensation, is the best course of action. 

5. No Air Flow

Related to the above point, your unit is overdue for professional attention if you've noticed air flow issues. Weak air coming out of your vents means debris has built up in your ductwork. If this is the case, you'll need to have your ducts cleaned. 

In other cases, your air filter may be overdue for replacement. The Department of Energy recommends replacing your air filter every month or two when you are using your AC every day. Check the label on the type of filter you are using, as they have different recommended lifespans. 

Finally, the last thing that can hamper air flow is a broken blower or fan. Like all mechanical parts, the motor that powers the blower or fan can burn out with age and use. Once this happens, a contractor will have to remove and replace the entire fan or blower. 

Get a Professional Inspection Today

If you notice any of the above problems affecting your AC unit, you should talk to a contractor straight away. Leaving problems alone can reduce the efficiency of your unit. This can lead to higher energy bills each month.

It can also lead to a greater likelihood of damage or malfunctions, which can require expensive repairs. Simple maintenance and updates early on prevent problems from snowballing into larger ones. 

Look no further than P&M HVAC for all your Houston air conditioning repair needs. Our team of trained professionals has years of experience in the industry, and can work with you to identify problems and get cold air flowing again in no time at all. For any inquiries or questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.  

How to Clean Your Air Conditioner for Houston Texas Residents

The average person spends around 1 percent of their home’s purchase price on maintenance each year. Without proper maintenance, it is only a matter of time before the vital systems in your home breakdown. Instead of dealing with the cost and aggravation this can cause, you need to take things like air conditioning maintenance in Houston seriously.

During the hot summer months, Houston homeowners will use their HVAC on a daily basis. This continuous use can lead to a unit getting overworked. The only way to keep your unit reliable throughout the summer months is by having it professionally maintained.

While professionals will need to handle the bulk of the maintenance your unit needs, there are some things you can handle on your own. Cleaning your HVAC unit thoroughly can make it run more efficiently and may help to reduce repair issues as well.

The following are some of the things you need to focus on when trying to clean your HVAC unit.

Check and Change the Air Filter

Indoor air quality is something you should be concerned with as a homeowner. Breathing in too much dust or other allergens can cause a number of respiratory problems. The first line of defense you have against these allergens is your HVAC unit’s air filter.

This filter is designed to catch dirt dust and pollen. As time goes by, the air filter will begin to get clogged and will need to be replaced. Failing to replace this air filter will not only lead to your indoor air supply suffering, it can also cause your unit to get overworked.

If you are using a pleated filter, you should be changing it out once every two months or so. Investing in a higher-quality filter will help you keep your indoor air supply clean and your unit functional.

Clean the Condenser Coil

Some homeowners get so fixated on maintaining the inside portion of their HVAC unit that they forget all about the outdoor portion. One of the important parts of your HVAC unit is the condenser coil, which is located on the outside of your home.

As time goes by, the condenser coil will begin to be affected by outdoor elements like dirt and even grass. If the fins on this coil are clogged, it will be hard for your unit to get the airflow it needs to operate. With a water host and the right cleaning solution, getting this coil clean is easy.

If you notice the fins on the condenser coil are bent, then investing in a fin tool is a good idea. With this tool, you can straighten out this problem before it does any real damage to your unit. If you are unsure about how to do this work, be sure to contact a reputable HVAC repair professional for help.

Make Sure the Drain Lines Aren’t Blocked

A home HVAC unit has a number of different parts. Unless all of these parts operate correctly in unison, it will be impossible to get the best performance out of your unit. The drain system an HVAC unit has helps to reduce the amount of condensation you have to deal with.

In some instances, dirt or even grass may clog up this drain line. If this happens, it will result in lots of water damage. Instead of dealing with this damage, you need to get in the habit of inspecting and cleaning the drain line if needed.

Using compressed air is a great way to blow out the line quickly. If you notice any leaks or other damage to this line, be sure to call in professionals immediately. With their help, you can get the drain line repaired in a timely manner.

Getting Your Ducts Cleaned

Having cool air blowing through the vents of a home is something most people take for granted. The only way you can get the cool air distributed throughout your home is with a functional and clean duct system. The older your home gets, the more problems you will start to experience with HVAC air flow.

Often times, these problems will be caused by dirty ductwork. If the ducts are clogged with dust, they will prohibit air from flowing as it should. Addressing this problem will require you to hire professionals to clean the ducts.

Some homeowners try to do this work on their own but usually fail to get the results they are after. This is why hiring a professional with the right tools is so important. They should have no problem getting the ducts cleaned in a hurry.

Lubricate Moving Parts

The motor bearings and other moving parts on your HVAC unit will dry out over time. Allowing them to stay dry may result in serious HVAC repair issues developing.

When cleaning your HVAC unit, you need to invest in a can of spray lubricant. With just a few squirts of this lubricant, you can help these parts do their job.

If you still notice squeaking after applying the spray lubricant, it may be time to replace the motor bearings. Waiting too long to address this problem may cause the unit to breakdown completely. This is why calling in professionals immediately is a good idea.

Hiring Professionals to Perform Air Conditioning Maintenance in Houston

When it comes to checking the refrigerant in your unit or addressing repair issues, working with professionals is your best course of action. Professionals can get air conditioning maintenance in Houston done in a timely and efficient manner.

Are you in need of HVAC repair or maintenance? If so, contact us now to find out more about the services we offer.

Will Air Conditioning Remove Humidity

Will Air Conditioning Remove Humidity?

The short answer is yes, AC will lower humidity. That's a big element of why AC keeps you comfortable at home. Yet to get the right humidity control, there's a little more to know.

Cooled Air Holds Less Moisture

Removing moisture from the cooled air is a key aspect of a well-functioning home air conditioning system. Cold refrigerants run through your air conditioner's metal coils. As the system pulls air over the coils, it also pulls out the moisture, by condensing it from the air onto the coils. Your AC unit's workload is impressive. Typically, it removes a few pints of water from the air per hour.

Not All AC Units Dehumidify Air Equally

Now, here's a fact that might surprise you. The higher an AC unit's energy efficiency (rated as a "SEER," or seasonal energy efficiency rating), the lower its basic rate of condensing water. Thus, we stock advanced models engineered to help counter humidity as well as cool your home. Home comfort is a combination of both factors: temperature, and moisture removal.

Some air conditioners fail to dehumidify the air efficiently because they're bigger than necessary. Large units will go on and off a lot, compromising the moisture removal process.

Let Us Help Find the Sweet Spot for Your Climate at Home

The idea is to have a good trade-off of efficiency rating and dehumidification capacity, and a unit that suits the size of your home so that it operates smoothly, without too many stops and starts during the times you're really putting it to use. Running your AC on a lower setting increases moisture removal because the slower movement of air over the coils allows for a more thorough process. For this reason, we offer air conditioners with variable-speed cooling.

To choose the best products for the individual home means considering the household's moisture sources, cooling needs, and budget. Of course, the less work an AC unit handles, the lower the electricity costs. Our experts keep this in mind when offering our customer's proven ways to minimize cooling loads and keep moisture down to a healthful and comfortable level.

P&M Air Conditioning and Heating Experts

Our AC experts enjoy helping Houston-area customers select the perfect products. We understand and appreciate the importance our customers place on value for their money. We can provide a complimentary second opinion on any major repair or replacement price quoted to you by another company. Contact us today!

Why Do Air Conditioning Units Freeze Up?

We all understand how hot the summer can be in Houston. It can get really, really hot and this is the time most of us turn down the thermostat and send our air conditioning systems into an overwork mode to keep us fresh and our homes comfortable. This may seem like a great idea until the time your AC unit freezes up. Keep in mind that a frozen air conditioner can ruin a hot summer day very fast. But what can make your AC unit freeze up? Here are some of the common causes of this problem.

Low Refrigerant Levels

Your system might be low on refrigerant if it has frozen up. This means that you either have a refrigerant leak somewhere, or your refrigerant charge is turned off. When your unit is low on refrigerant, the pressure drops in the system and the temperature also drops along with it. This will lead to a scenario whereby the evaporator coil gets too cold and freezes up. If you notice that your system is low on refrigerant, be sure to have an expert diagnose it for any leaks before you refill your container with the refrigerant.

Dirty Air Filters

If your outdoor unit is frozen and you can’t remember the last time that you changed/cleaned your air filters, then you might have identified the problem already. Dirty air filters usually restrict the air flow through your system which can lead to this problem. If you change or clean your air filters according to the recommendations of the manufacturer, then you are safe. A typical AC unit consists of an indoor and outdoor unit.

The indoor unit usually has an evaporator coil where the compressor sits. When a dirty filter restricts air flow between these two components, there will be no enough air passing through your system to transfer heat from your indoor air spaces to the refrigerant. This means that the refrigerant will stay colder than usual leading to a freeze up.

Damaged Blower Fan

Your AC Unit’s blower fan helps to get the cold air where it needs to go and transfer the warm air to the outside. However, as the air cools inside your unit, it tends to become denser and can no longer travel well. Your system depends on the blower fan to create cool air and push it out. Sometimes, the blower fan can break or malfunction leading to significant changes in the airflow inside your unit. Too much condensation will build up on the coils which can lead to AC freeze up.

Superior HVAC Services

At P&M, we fix all types of air conditioning issues for residents and businesses in the larger Houston area including air conditioning freeze ups. We are a BBB accredited business with an A+ rating. We offer 24/7 emergency service and guarantee customer satisfaction. Contact us today and let us help you keep your home comfortable during this summer.

The Importance of an AC Tune-Up

Maintaining your AC system is one of the most important things you can do to save yourself a great deal of money and aggravation over the years. A well-maintained system offers many benefits you may not even recognize until you find yourself dealing with a poorly maintained unit. These are just a few of the reasons it is so important to have yearly AC tune-ups.

Prevent Unnecessary Breakdowns
There are few things more frustrating than having your air conditioner flatline in the middle of a Houston heatwave. It can be brutal out there when the temperatures climb. It’s even worse when you’re trapped inside your home with no operating air conditioner to cool things off.

Your yearly tune-up can not only help to prevent ordinary breakdowns that occur from lack of maintenance but can also warn you of potential problems on the horizon so you can take care of them before the heat of summer sets in.

Extend the Life of Your Air Conditioner
It’s true, air conditioners are a sizable investment in the comfort of your home and the people who live there. Extending the life of your air conditioner by even one more Texas summer is a substantial financial feat. The longer you can keep your unit going, while operating efficiently, the less the unit ultimately costs.

Improve AC Efficiency
Energy efficiency is on the minds of every Texas homeowner when the temperatures climb. You want your home to be cool and comfortable, but don’t want to break the bank to make that happen.

AC tune-ups help you keep your air conditioner at maximum efficiency throughout the season – especially when performed along with regular filter changes.

Improve Indoor Air Quality
With growing concerns over indoor air quality and the effect it has on your family and guests, it makes sense that you’ll want to do everything possible to improve the air quality inside your home. Routine air conditioning tune-ups ensure that your air conditioner isn’t allowing things inside your home that might harm the health of you or your family.

Regular filter changes further enhance these efforts for even greater indoor air quality and overall health benefits for all.

P & M Air Conditioning and Heating has been serving the heating, AC, and indoor air quality needs of Houston area families since 1947. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you save big on your energy bills and more with routine air conditioning tune-ups.

5 Benefits of Indoor Air Quality

According to the EPA, indoor air quality is a much greater concern than the average household realizes. It can be up to 100 times more harmful than outdoor air quality if you don’t take steps to protect the air inside your home. P & M Air Conditioning and Heating wants you to know the five benefits you can enjoy by improving indoor air quality in your home, such as these:

1. Better Health for You and Your Family
Perhaps the biggest benefit of improving indoor air quality for the average household involves the health of the people living there. Improving indoor air quality can have a remarkable effect on health by reducing coughing, sneezing, eye irritations, headaches, and other respiratory concerns.

2. Fewer Allergies and Asthma Attacks
While this could qualify as health, it deserved a category of its own. Indoor air quality specifically involves allergens known to cause allergies in many and trigger asthma attacks in those prone to suffer them. Common allergens associated with poor indoor air quality include:

  • Pollen
  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Pet Dander
  • Dust Mites
  • Smoke

The problem is that once they find their way into your home, they have a nasty habit of lingering unless you take active steps to improve indoor air quality.

3. Better Fragrance
The things the stick around in the air inside your home and ruin the quality of the air, are also things that often have odors to them. Improving indoor air quality, as a happy side effect, also clears the air inside your home of these unpleasant odors.

It also helps to rid your home of other odors, like the food you cooked last night, your pet’s favorite blanket, and your teenager’s soccer cleats. It does all this without adding new odors into the mix, which is what happens when you use artificial sprays and such to attempt to mask the odors in your home.

4. Reduce Energy Costs
Once you improve the air quality inside your home, you’ll notice yet another unexpected and certainly welcome side effect: lower energy costs. Your HVAC system operates more efficiently when it isn’t having to push through years of debris, dust, mold, and allergens to get the cool or warm air to its intended locations. This saves you money.

5. Less Static Shock
An effective air quality system also helps to balance the moisture in your home. This eliminates mold and mildew that arise when there is too much moisture and static shock and dry skin that result when there is too little moisture in the air.

P & M Air Conditioning and Heating understands the unique challenges Houston homeowners face when it comes to air quality, heating, and cooling concerns. Call us today to learn more about our air quality services and how we can help your family breathe easier inside your home.

What are the Benefits of a Ductless HVAC System?

Have you noticed that some rooms in your home have a different temperature than the rest of your home? Then you should consider installing a ductless HVAC system. The primary reason why you may be experiencing this problem is your AC unit isn't providing a consistent level of comfort.

The ductless systems are efficient and offer consistent comfort in every room. The ductless system usually consists of a wall-mounted indoor unit attached to an outdoor compressor via a small 3-inch hole for power and refrigerant lines. Now let's get into the top benefits of going duct-free.

Quiet Operation

Typically, a ductless air system consists of both the indoor and the outdoor components. Therefore, contractors usually install the noisy elements of the system such as the motor and the compressor outside. In fact, you won't believe how quiet these ductless systems are while in operation. The ductless system will operate at approximately 26 decibels which is quieter than even the average whispers in a library.

Increased Comfort

When you are installing the ductless system, you determine where you want to place it and how many units you prefer for your home. You can put it in any part of your home you wish. Since we have already established that different rooms in your home record different temperatures, you place the unit in a strategic place to boost the overall comfort of your home. You can have more than one unit and install them in different rooms.

Energy Efficient

Every homeowner would love to make their home energy-efficient to cut down on energy bills. Typically, more than 30 percent of energy consumption in your home is through the traditional ductwork. The ducts tend to consume a lot of energy even before the conditioned air reaches your home. With the ductless systems, you are getting 100 percent of the unit’s output. The energy saving of a ductless system goes beyond the system’s output. Since you are heating or cooling the required rooms only, you use less energy.

Environmental Friendly

Apart from being energy efficient, the ductless system also operates on the R410A refrigerant which is specially designed to prevent damage to the ozone layer. Since your home is also energy-efficient, its overall negative impact on the environment is significantly reduced.

Are you looking for heating and cooling experts in Houston? Contact us here at P&M for quality HVAC services today and we'll take great care of you!

Emergency HVAC Service In Houston TX Has Much To Offer

The summers in Houston are long, hot, and humid and you need a good air conditioning system to protect you from the weather. However, it can get cold in winter too, so you also need an effective heating system for your home. If you suddenly have air conditioning or heating problems, an emergency HVAC service in Houston TX is there to help. In fact, they offer a wide variety of heating and cooling solutions for your home or business.

Emergency repair services are available anytime you need them. You can call them 24 hours a day and someone is there to talk to you. Whether it's late at night or on a weekend, you can depend on these companies for professional help with your heating and cooling needs.

When the temperature is over one hundred degrees outdoors, the last thing you need is an AC breakdown. However, old AC units often break down in very hot weather because they can't handle the load. Your 24-hour heating and cooling professionals are busy in summer but they make exceptions for emergencies and give you prompt service.

24-hour AC repair services are valuable if you have young children in the home. They are especially important for the elderly and those incapable of taking care of themselves. It's comforting to know that there are people waiting to serve you when you need them.

A trusted emergency HVAC service in Houston can do many things for you. Maybe your old AC system is over ten years old. In Southern Texas, cooling systems see a great deal of use and after 10 years, they are often worn out. Perhaps you are thinking about replacing your old AC unit but you're not sure to go with a packaged system or a heat pump.

Packaged cooling and heating systems are perfect for manufactured homes and houses with limited space. They have both heating and cooling components outside the home. However, a heat pump is also good for limited space homes and is very efficient.

When you call your cooling and heating professionals for HVAC installation, they send a technician to your home. He looks at your current system and helps you decide which HVAC unit is best for your needs. You can compare various features and prices to come up with the perfect solution for both cooling and heating your home.

If you have concerns with indoor air quality an emergency HVAC service in Houston can help. They offer a number of solutions like ventilation systems that bring much needed fresh air inside the home, and they clean the air too. This is important for families with pets, children, and older people.

Your 24-hour heating and cooling professionals offer seasonal maintenance plans. They get your air conditioner ready for summer in the spring and heat system ready for winter in the fall. Your technician cleans and tests all the major components and lubricates moving parts. He also checks to make sure AC drains are working and gas heaters have no leaks. You'll enjoy a more comfortable winter and summer with fewer problems.

Saharan Desert Dust In The Gulf Coast

There is an unusual visitor in Texas this year, beginning in mid-July. The visitor is a plume of fine dust particles from the Sahara. The arrival of Saharan Desert dust in the Gulf Coast is not a cause for panic, even though it may give the appearance of a hazy and enormous cloud which partially obscures the sun. The plume lends itself to some brilliant sunrises and sunsets during its time over Texas. The journey is approximately five thousand miles from western Africa, across the tropical Atlantic and into the Texas Gulf Coast.

The hazy plume is known as the Saharan Air Layer (SAL). Earlier, another plume of the African-based visiting cloud has arrived on the Texas Gulf Coast from the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula. The notable features of the cloud of fine particles are its extreme dryness and the size of the cloud. SAL particles have approximately half the moisture of the typical tropic air. The cloud usually is located from five thousand to twenty thousand feet above the earth. The winds that move the cloud westward are found at altitudes from 6500 to 14500 feet.

Another unique characteristic of a SAL is its sheer size. The currently arriving dust storm is approximately the size of all the lower forty-eight states.

Unlike other dust storms, the SAL is not considered harmful to humans and pets. Those people who are especially vulnerable to allergies might be troubled by the conditions. Scientists believe that the dust may actually act as fertilizer for the rainforests in the Amazon Basin.

Some research indicates that the formation of clouds from the Sahara may suppress the formation of cyclones. The atmospheric conditions which normally develop into tropical storms are engulfed and surrounded by SAL. Studies continue, but it may be that the presence of dust particles can affect the formation of precipitation and clouds.

Weather nerds are encouraged to use the presence of the Saharan visitor to capture images of brilliant sunrises and sunsets. The colors tend to be in the orange and red range. Photographers mark the presence of SAL with images of the haze and the sunset colors.

One negative which has been attributed to the arrival of SAL in the Western Hemisphere is noted in the Gulf of Mexico. NASA scientists say that the particulates may lead to the creation of dangerous algae blooms in the Gulf waters. The toxic conditions are due to reduced sunlight reaching the waters.

For homeowners in Texas, the layer of dust which is distributed on surfaces is something which may affect the operation of HVAC League City systems. It is important to change filters in households on a regular basis to keep the system operating at optimum efficiency. In addition to taking care of AC installation, Bellaire Texas professionals perform a range of services to keep the equipment functioning correctly. A regular checkup and cleaning of the system twice yearly is the best way to extend the life of the equipment. The professionals have the knowledge and experience to perform maintenance and repair tasks for installed equipment.