The short answer is yes, AC will lower humidity. That’s a big element of why AC keeps you comfortable at home. Yet to get the right humidity control, there’s a little more to know.

Cooled Air Holds Less Moisture

Removing moisture from the cooled air is a key aspect of a well-functioning home air conditioning system. Cold refrigerants run through your air conditioner’s metal coils. As the system pulls air over the coils, it also pulls out the moisture, by condensing it from the air onto the coils. Your AC unit’s workload is impressive. Typically, it removes a few pints of water from the air per hour.

Not All AC Units Dehumidify Air Equally

Now, here’s a fact that might surprise you. The higher an AC unit’s energy efficiency (rated as a “SEER,” or seasonal energy efficiency rating), the lower its basic rate of condensing water. Thus, we stock advanced models engineered to help counter humidity as well as cool your home. Home comfort is a combination of both factors: temperature, and moisture removal.

Some air conditioners fail to dehumidify the air efficiently because they’re bigger than necessary. Large units will go on and off a lot, compromising the moisture removal process.

Let Us Help Find the Sweet Spot for Your Climate at Home

The idea is to have a good trade-off of efficiency rating and dehumidification capacity, and a unit that suits the size of your home so that it operates smoothly, without too many stops and starts during the times you’re really putting it to use. Running your AC on a lower setting increases moisture removal because the slower movement of air over the coils allows for a more thorough process. For this reason, we offer air conditioners with variable-speed cooling.

To choose the best products for the individual home means considering the household’s moisture sources, cooling needs, and budget. Of course, the less work an AC unit handles, the lower the electricity costs. Our experts keep this in mind when offering our customer’s proven ways to minimize cooling loads and keep moisture down to a healthful and comfortable level.

P&M Air Conditioning and Heating Experts

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