It’s sweltering hot outside and you would like to crank up the AC, but are afraid it will cost too much. Here are three simple ways to make your air conditioning unit more energy efficient – and save you big bucks!

1. Install a Programmable Thermostat

There is no need to keep your home chilly when no one is there, and according to the Department of Energy, if you raise the temperature by 10 degrees while you are at work, the savings could equal 15% of your total energy costs for the entire year!

If there are long stretches of time when no one is in your home, program the thermostat to raise the temperature during this period. It can also be programmed to crank up the air an hour or so before you get home so you will be comfortably cool when you step through the door.

One of the nice things about programmable thermostats is the ability to set it and forget it. That way the temperature inside of your home will always be exactly what you want when your family is home.

2. Clean Those Coils!

Everyone knows the importance of changing the filters on your HVAC system regularly, but when was the last time you cleaned the coils on your AC unit?

The fan on your outdoor air conditioning unit pulls in warm air to run over the coils for cooling, but it also pulls in a lot of dust – and sometimes even debris. Making sure that nothing is clogging these coils is essential to keeping energy costs down.

Be sure to regularly check the outside of the unit, keeping grass clipping, leaves, and other debris away. But don’t stop there. Be sure to vacuum or hose down the coils (with the electricity turned off), several times each season. For more thorough cleaning, be sure to call the experts at P & M Air Conditioning and Heating, the premiers heating and cooling specialists in the Houston Area.

3. Check Your Ducts and Registers

If the air can’t flow freely through your system, your air conditioning unit is going to have to work much harder, and this is going to cost you more. But, regularly vacuuming registers and clearing them of dust, dirt (and maybe even a few kids toys), along with sealing cracks and leaks in your ductwork can help save you between 10-30% on your cooling bills.

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