The average temperature in Houston is 89°F during summer, which lasts three months. As a result, you need a good working air conditioner. 

New air conditioners work extremely well to keep you cool on hot days. But older systems might not be reliable. After all, they don’t last forever.

How can you know when to replace your air conditioner? You can know by the signs.

Keep reading to learn the top signs that it’s time to replace your system.

It’s Close to 15 Years Old

Age is an indicator of air conditioner replacement. While it’s not the only sign, you should consider it. 

The U.S. Department of Energy states that a typical AC system lasts 15 to 20 years. This doesn’t mean every system lasts this long, but most do.

A system under 10 years old probably has a decent amount of life left. As a system passes the 10-year point, it loses its reliability and efficiency. 

You’ll likely begin experiencing more problems with the system at this point. Your system may start acting up and running more frequently. Older systems aren’t as efficient.

It’s also important to realize that some factors affect a system’s life expectancy.

For example, a higher-quality AC unit lasts longer than a cheap model. A system also wears out faster when the contractor installs it improperly. An incorrect-sized system might also wear out faster.

As you consider replacement, begin by evaluating your system’s age. You can also factor in any issues, like improper installation. But don’t stop there.

You must also consider the remaining signs to know when to replace your system.

Your Energy Bills Are Too High

One of the secondary effects of older systems is low efficiency. AC systems lose their efficiency as they age. This means you’ll pay more for your energy bills.

An older system tends to run more to cool a house. It runs more because it can’t cool a house as fast as it can when it is new. It also runs more because it doesn’t use energy as efficiently as newer systems.

Therefore, you’ll reap a few benefits when you hire an HVAC company to replace your system. First, you’ll have a system that runs less while achieving the same temperature.

For example, it might take an hour for your current system to drop the temperature in your home by one degree. A new system might only run for 30 minutes. 

A system that runs less uses less energy. This results in lower energy bills. After upgrading to a high-efficiency AC unit, you might see a significant drop in your energy bills.

You can use the money you save to pay for your new system. 

It Doesn’t Keep Up With Your Cooling Needs

Newer systems also help you stay cooler in the hot summer. Does your current AC system have trouble keeping up with your cooling needs? Do you feel hot and sweaty in your home?

When you set your thermostat to a lower temperature, does your system achieve the goal? While AC systems might run more on the hottest days, they should be able to keep up.

Older systems often experience problems keeping up. This is especially true during hot spells.

However, you can’t control the temperature outside. You can only control your thermostat and need a system that can keep up.

You can contact an AC company in Houston to find out how much a new system will cost.

They can give you an approximate cost based on your home size and layout. However, they’ll need to come to your home to give you a solid estimate. 

It Runs All the Time

As mentioned, older systems can’t keep up with the temperature demands on hot days. As a result, they run and run. Even though they run so much, they might not cool your home.

How often does your system run? Do you hear it running often? When it runs, does it make strange sounds?

An air conditioner experiences a lot of stress when it runs constantly. This stress leads to parts wearing out. Unfortunately, constant running also leads to higher energy costs. 

Call an HVAC contractor if your system runs all the time. It might be time to replace it. You might also need an AC and heating tune-up occasionally to keep the system running well.

The System Breaks Down Often

One of the biggest signs is frequent breakdowns. When you combine frequent breakdowns with the other signs, you’ll know it’s time for a replacement. 

An older air conditioning system is prone to problems. Parts wear out with age and use, and older systems might develop more coolant leaks.

Each time your system breaks down, you must call for HVAC services. AC companies charge a service fee each time this occurs. Plus, you must pay for the parts and labor required to repair the system. 

These problems can add up quickly. Then, add in the extra costs for your utility bills. Don’t forget to factor in the headaches and stress you feel each time your system breaks down.

With a new system, you’ll have a reliable device that will cool your home efficiently. Many new systems also come with a warranty, protecting you from issues for the first year or so.

Replace Your Air Conditioner to Stay Cool

Staying cool is vital in the hot summer months in Texas. If your system isn’t keeping up, consider getting a new one.

You can reap many benefits if you replace your air conditioner. You’ll save money on energy costs and feel more comfortable in your home.

Your system will also run less and experience fewer problems that require HVAC repairs. As a result, you’ll have a reliable air conditioner you can count on all summer long.

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