In the United States, nearly 90% of households used air conditioning in 2020. An HVAC unit is an essential system for a home and is important for improving the indoor air quality and comfort of your home. However, there are many common problems with an HVAC unit that can keep it from running smoothly. For example, you may have issues with your air conditioner compressor that keeps it from cooling your home during the warmer months.

Do you want to learn more about the top causes of AC compressor failure and how you can solve these problems? Keep reading this guide to understand more about AC compressor problems and to find reliable HVAC professionals to help!

Refrigerant Issues

One of the most common issues homeowners experience with their AC compressors is refrigerant issues. This includes both low refrigerant levels and high refrigerant levels.

If you have low refrigerant in your condenser, you will not be able to keep your home cool. Plus, low refrigerant levels can be a sign that you have a leak in your condenser. If you notice your AC pan leaking, you should get this inspected by a professional HVAC technician.

Air conditioner leaking can be due to corrosion and cracks on your AC coils.

You may also have too much refrigerant in your AC unit. This may be due to low-quality AC companies filling up your refrigerant levels more than they need to be filled.

High levels of refrigerant can put excess pressure on your air conditioner and can cause the compressor to fail.

Electrical Problems

Another reason why your AC compressor may be faulty is if it has electrical problems. Many things can cause electrical failure in AC compressors. These include damaged contractors and wires, fuses that failed, and even power surges.

If there are electrical problems with your AC compressor, this can also lead to acid buildup in your system. Getting an AC and heating tune-up can help you spot these issues before they cause more serious damage.

Dirty Condenser Coils

Next, you may experience issues with your AC compressor if you have dirty condenser coils. When dirt and dust gather on these coils, it makes it harder for your AC to remove hot air from the coils which impact your unit’s ability to cool your home.

It can trap heat in the system and increase the pressure on your compressor until it overheats.

If you notice that your AC is constantly running and still having difficulty cooling your home, it is likely an issue with your compressor.

Insufficient Lubrication

Insufficient lubrication is another common HVAC problem that can damage your AC compressor. Your HVAC needs to be oiled for it to function optimally. Otherwise, it will be easier for the parts in the compressor to rub together and increase the wear and tear.

Problems with compressor lubrication can even make some parts come loose in your system.

If you need help preventing this problem, you can contact a company to help with heating and cooling maintenance to service your compressor and check the lubricant levels. They can also repair problems with your HVAC oil pump, which may be what caused these issues in the first place.

Blocked Suction Lines

Having blocked suction lines can also cause serious problems for your air conditioner compressor. Blocks in these lines can make it difficult for refrigerant to run through your air conditioner.

Similarly, damaged suction lines with holes or cracks will lower the flow of refrigerant to your AC compressor and will make it more difficult for your air conditioner to cool your home. Instead, it will have to run for longer and will increase the wear and tear on your system.

Contaminants in the Compressor

Because AC compressors are usually located outside of the home, it can be easy for them to get contaminated with debris and other pollutants. Things like dust, dirt, pets and even bird droppings can get inside your compressor unit and cause a malfunction.

One of the easiest ways to solve this problem is finding a company that offers “maintenance for heating and cooling near me.” During their maintenance, they will clean your outdoor AC unit and inspect it for other signs of damage.

Overheated Compressor

Finally, you may have an issue with your AC compressor if it starts to overheat. There are many things that can lead to overheating. For example, poor ventilation can make it difficult for your compressor to regulate its temperature. This can also happen if your outdoor compressor unit deals with constant, direct sunlight.

Other things that can cause your compressor to overheat include poor insulation, low refrigerant, and even dirty coils.

If you have experienced any of these common problems with your air conditioner compressor, you can find a reliable furnace repair and AC repair service to help you get your system running again.

They can also give you a free furnace estimate or a free AC estimate if your compressor needs to be replaced.

Need Help With Air Conditioner Compressor Repair?

There are many things that can go wrong with your air conditioner compressor. Learning more about these common issues can help you prevent them and will make it easier to repair your HVAC system and get it up and running.

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