Earlier this summer, Houston broke temperature records. June and July were the hottest months on record, and many homeowners were cranking their AC units to curb the heat. 

Now that temperatures are starting to cool down, you may think about switching your air conditioner off and not worrying about it until next summer. Ideally, you should schedule an air conditioning repair before you go to turn it back on. 

Avoiding maintenance checks and tune-ups can reduce your air conditioner’s longevity. It can also put you more at risk for poor indoor air quality. 

Luckily, we have a must-read guide you won’t want to miss! In our complete article, we will review the best time of year to get your air conditioner tuned and the most common repairs you can expect. Keep reading for more information!

When Should You Schedule an Air Conditioning Repair?

There are two seasons you should have your HVAC system serviced: spring and fall. Even warmer climates like Texas are prone to weather changes. Typically, air conditioners require more maintenance in the spring and heaters in the fall. 

Average temperatures in Houston during the winter hover around 67°F for a high and drop to 50°F for a low. It is unlikely you will need much from your air conditioner during the winter.

However, it is not a bad idea to have your air conditioner checked in the fall before you start shutting it off. Air conditioners have been working hard all summer, and you might avoid more expensive repairs the next year by scheduling biannual checks. 

HVAC Service vs. Air Conditioner Repair

Many homeowners are confused about heating and cooling maintenance and how it differs from HVAC repairs. HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. These units help with humidity and temperature control year-round. 

These are becoming more prevalent, and cooler temperatures in the winter can make it worth your while to upgrade to an HVAC system if you live in Houston, Texas. Even upgrading your unit that is ten years or older can save you nearly 20% on your monthly energy bills. When searching for an “AC repair near me,” ensure you look at companies specializing in an AC and heating tune-up to cover your home’s heating and cooling needs. 

Most Common Seasonal Air Conditioner Repairs

Annual or biannual air conditioner maintenance checks can catch several common problems. First, it is essential that you regularly replace air filters. Swapping air filters can help with indoor air quality and reduce strain on your air conditioner. 

You will likely need to replace your air filter more frequently than scheduled air conditioner maintenance checks. Aim for replacing your air filter every three months at a minimum.

If you have pets or family members with allergies, you might need to replace them more frequently. Here are some other common air conditioner repairs:

  • Air conditioner leaking/AC pan leaking
  • Adjusting thermostat
  • Improperly working compressor
  • Dirty condenser coils
  • Blown fuses

Sometimes, all you need is a simple coil cleaning or tune-up. AC companies that specialize in tune-ups will clean fans and coils, replace refrigerant levels, and check your fuses. They can check your thermostat and ensure your unit is functioning properly. 

The benefit of performing seasonal tune-ups is you can extend the longevity of your unit, reduce energy bills, and improve your air quality. On average, air conditioners last 12 to 15 years. Properly taking care of your unit can help your air conditioner last longer and avoid costly repairs. 

Improving Indoor Air Quality

Seasonal air conditioner checks in the fall and/or spring will also help with indoor air quality. Poorly functioning air conditioner units or dirty fans and coils can raise indoor air quality risks. 

Older air conditioner units can also pose risks. Ideally, you should get your air conditioner checked every spring before turning it on. An air conditioner service provider can advise on ways to improve your air quality before it becomes a problem.

Some of the ways you can improve air quality are: 

  • Using mechanical ventilation
  • Add a central air humidifier
  • Upgrade your filter
  • Use UV lamps

A qualified technician can service your air conditioner, check for any obvious problems, and advise on the best solution. In the fall, it is important you contact your air conditioning provider for a furnace repair to avoid harmful pollutants when heating your house. 

How To Find an AC Repair Free Estimate

When searching for “heating and cooling near me,” you want a company specialized in HVACs and various air conditioners. Here are some other helpful tips for finding a qualified company that provides free estimates:

  • Check online reviews
  • Ask family and friends
  • Ask about location
  • Ask about same-day services and repairs

Ultimately, you want a company that provides transparent pricing, same-day repairs, and vast experience. P&M Air Conditioning and Heating in Houston specializes in several air conditioner brands and offers various services, from repairs to replacements. We also focus on annual maintenance to ensure your air conditioner is up to speed for summer weather. 

Schedule Your Next Air Conditioning Repair

If you noticed your air conditioner struggling this summer, it might not be a bad idea to schedule an air conditioning repair this fall. Typically, most annual tune-ups for air conditioners occur in the spring. 

This ensures your unit is ready to go for summertime temperatures. If you own an HVAC unit, you might find biannual checks more time-saving since technicians can check your heaters and air conditioners while advising on any pertinent repairs. 

For help getting started, contact us and schedule an appointment. We service Houston and the surrounding region and can help you prepare for winter temperatures!